About Us

TamrJannah is a distinctive food catering company established in 2006. Our passion for food is beyond our work, that’s what’s special about our whole team. At TamrJannah we constantly create new recipes and develop our existing ones to meet the updates of the couture food industry. We also have the flexibility to twist some recipes to match the diverse tastes of our clients. 



      Why us:

If you are looking for the right meal, and concerned with the quality and freshness of the components, our team is concerned more than you. We here at TamrJannah hold quality by heart, to provide a final product that exceeds our clients' expectations, not to mention retaining the exceptionally delicious taste we are famous for. Ingredients are strictly selected from the best sources in town, starting with the ripe red tomato, the bright greenery leaves, the tender meat or chicken slice, to the fountain of sensual sauces.


In addition, we captured the growing awareness of individuals for a healthy balanced diet. People are concerned more than ever with watching their calorie consumption and cholesterol levels and preferring fresh food products over processed and canned ones. They are constantly faced with the dilemma of finding the meal that works out their concerns and yet grant them the delicious taste. We at TamrJannah became determined to resolve this dilemma and provided our clients with exactly what they are looking for.



Our target:

Starting our business by serving individuals and catering for small events, was just the beginning of tracing down a far goal. On the road of catering we served much larger events reaching 400 people where we provided a comprehensive catering service that gained our clients' full satisfaction.


We always had an eye on the corporate side. With our passion towards food making and knowing the effects of a good meal on an individual, we had to take this to the next level. In 2010, catering for corporations became our target, where the company has, since 2011, ongoing annual contracts to provide lunch meals for the employees of those corporates. We intend to stand out within that market and maintain our reputable accomplishments in the events catering market. 


       In 2013, Tamr Jannah has become a member of the Egyptian Chefs Association.